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Batch 149 – Hefeweizen – All Grain

As usual, spring leads to summer, and brewing falls by the wayside as yard work takes over.  It was July 4th weekend when I finally had a chance to brew again.  I decided to make one of my favorite beers … Continue reading

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Upcoming Posts

I have brewed quite a bit more than I have written about.  Upcoming posts include the following: Completed Batches Batch 131 – Kellerbier (All-Grain) Batches In-Progress Batch 132 – Festbier (All-Grain) Batch 133 – Oktoberfest Märzen (All-Grain) Batch 134 – … Continue reading

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The Joys of Kegging – Part 3: Lessons Learned

I had been piecing together a longer post that described my recollection of the first time I tried to carbonate homebrew in a cornelius keg.  But it turned into a meandering mess that bored me while I wrote it, which … Continue reading

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Batch 111 – The 2014 Weizen Experiment – Stage 2: Dunkelweizen

Two weeks after the 2014 Hefeweizen was brewed, it was time to brew the Dunkelweizen.  This recipe followed the 2013 Dunkelweizen recipe: 8 ounces of light Munich Malt 7 ounces of CaraMunich Malt 1 ounce Chocolate Malt 6.5 pounds of … Continue reading

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Batch 110 – The 2014 Hefeweizen Experience

As Spring wore on, thoughts turned to yard work and gardening.  And what beers I would drink after I got done with the yard work and gardening. Spring always fills me with energy and excitement to get things done.  This … Continue reading

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Quick update

It has been a busy fall, winter and spring, so brewing has been sporadic. Back in January, I ran out of Weihnactsbier and for the first time in forever I had no beer on tap. I gave some thought to … Continue reading

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Batch 102 – Fest Bier

I have a little catching up to do.  When the weather warms up, I turn my attention to getting the yard and the garden squared away.  I built two retaining walls for garden beds on the garage side of the … Continue reading

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