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Day 3 of European Vacation

Day three of our vacation found us taking a day trip from Munich to Nuremberg.  The weather was chilly, overcast and damp.  I wasn’t feeling very well having had a rough night trying to sleep.  While we enjoyed the many … Continue reading

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Batch 129 – Hefeweizen (All-Grain)

With some trepidation, I embarked on making this year’s batch of Hefeweizen.  The last batch I made, my first all-grain Hefeweizen, was a bit of a disappointment.  It was almost too hoppy, and didn’t have the flavor/aroma profile I prefer … Continue reading

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Batch 122 – Hefeweizen (All-grain): Step One in the 2015 Weizen Experiment

It has been two months plus since I last posted.  It has also been two months since I last brewed – and I am five batches behind (having brewed through 126 batches) and about to brew my Weihnachtsbier this weekend. … Continue reading

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Beer Mistakes: Lemons in Hefeweizens

Don’t put lemons in draft hefeweizens.  Just…don’t. I was living in Evanston, Illinois the first time I ever had a hefeweizen.  One of my college roommates was visiting his sister in Wrigleyville, and had discovered Hacker-Pschorr Weisse beer.  Since he … Continue reading

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Batch 92: Hefeweizen

Back in June, I started brewing in anticipation of having another of our annual Oktoberfest parties this year.  Unfortunately, we decided to skip the Oktoberfest party this year, so I was stuck with 15 gallons of beer.  Guess I will … Continue reading

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September 2010 in Germany: Day 1

On our recent trip to Oktoberfest, we arrived on September 16 (two days prior to the opening day).  While I was planning the trip, I had been reminded by a friend that the Weihenstephan Brewery was located north of Munich … Continue reading

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