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Day 1 of 2017 Summer European Vacation – Munich

We had the opportunity to take a vacation to Europe this summer.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to write about some of the different beer that I would drink while on vacation. My oldest daughter … Continue reading

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Happy Oktoberfest!!

Today is the opening day of Oktoberfest!  How I wish I could be there again this year as I was last year!! This is the interior of the Hacker Festzelt from my visit last year.  We went to the opening … Continue reading

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Weihenstephaner Festbier

This beer is the Weihenstephan brewery’s version of the beers served by the “Munich six” for Oktoberfest. As I mention elsewhere, amber märzens are not serves at Oktoberfest. Rather, the beer served are more of a Bavarian helles lager. Gold … Continue reading

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September 2010 in Germany: Day 1

On our recent trip to Oktoberfest, we arrived on September 16 (two days prior to the opening day).  While I was planning the trip, I had been reminded by a friend that the Weihenstephan Brewery was located north of Munich … Continue reading

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