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Rare beer styles is reserved for posts about unusual beer styles that are not mass marketed junk designed to appeal to lightweights and women.

Batch 144 – Dampfbier (All-Grain)

Entering Fall of 2017, I had put up two batches of beer for the Oktoberwe’en party and had to decide about putting up a third batch to have on tap.  With only a couple weeks left before the party, I … Continue reading

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Batch 113 – Dampfbier (or “This could be my last extract batch of beer”)

Summer brewing is always tough.  There are other distractions (like yard work) and the fact that the warmer temperatures sort of are the inverse of the Seasonal Affective Disorder experienced by people who grew up in places that were cloudy, … Continue reading

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Batch 93: Dampfbier

As part of my brewing to prepare for our annual Oktoberfest party (which, alas, never came off), I thought I would try a style that I have never actually tasted before:  Dampfbier. The German Beer Institute describes Dampfbier as follows: … Continue reading

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Schlenkerla Oak Smoke Doppelbock

I have had several of the Schlenkerla rauchbiers over the years and have generally found them to be enjoyable.  I have also made two batches of beer that included smoked malt and was very pleased with the results. I had … Continue reading

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Gose by Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof

I read about this beer style in a recent issue of Brew Your Own magazine.  It can be found at: I ran across a bottle of this at Green’s and picked some up to try this weekend.  I found … Continue reading

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Glass Night – Fuller’s ES…no, wait! – Foothills People’s Porter

The weekly glass night was scheduled to be Fullers ESB.  This was supposed to be the featured beer last week, but as sometimes happens, the schedule is incorrect due to either not getting the beer in or not getting the … Continue reading

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Ballast Point Abandon Ship

Wow!! A smoked lager!! I have made a few ales that included peat smoked malt. This beer takes me there!!

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