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Batch 131: Kellerbier (all-grain)

Holiday weekends are usually convenient times to brew.  Fourth of July weekend of 2016 was no difference.  For this batch, I decided to make an all-grain version of the Kellerbier I had previously made.  Perfect for summer, it would be … Continue reading

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The Joys of Kegging – Part 3: Lessons Learned

I had been piecing together a longer post that described my recollection of the first time I tried to carbonate homebrew in a cornelius keg.  But it turned into a meandering mess that bored me while I wrote it, which … Continue reading

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The Joys of Kegging – Part 2: Why I began kegging homebrew

In part one of my story of when I began kegging my beer, I described some of the reasons for getting away from bottling my homebrew and moving towards kegging.  The hoarding and storage of empty bottles, removing labels, and … Continue reading

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The Joys of Kegging – Part I: When I began kegging my homebrew.

I suppose when everyone starts homebrewing, they bottle their beer.  It is a kind of rite of passage – the collecting of two (or more) cases of bottles to save for bottling a five gallon batch of beer. I have … Continue reading

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Batch 115 – Čierna Mačka Schwarzbier

After my first, solo all-grain batch of beer, I began converting several of my previous extract & grain recipes to all-grain recipes.  I chose to focus on four previous batches of beer that would be the next likely batches to … Continue reading

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Batch 114 – Rauchbier

The beginning of an new era – I decided to put my all-grain brewing equipment that I assembled (here and here) through its paces for the first solo all-grain batch I made. I had given some thought as to what … Continue reading

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Batch 99 – Czech Pilsner on a busy brew day!!

Yesterday, I shuffled my around brewing schedule a little bit.  I am overdue to brew my Brown IPA, Hnedý Medveď, but instead opted to brew my Czech Pilsner. It started out as a modification of the Budvar clone recipe in … Continue reading

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