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Batch 153 – Hefeweizen – All Grain

I brewed another batch of Hefeweizen on September 1, 2018 to tide me over until the Festbier, Oktoberfest, and Tmavý Ležák would be ready in October. The ingredients were purchased from Atlantic Brew Supply and included: 5.0 pounds of Pilsner … Continue reading

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Batch 130: Hefeweizen (All-Grain) – Redo!

I brewed this Hefeweizen a month after the previous batch.  I wasn’t thrilled with how Batch 129 came out, so I decided to mail order the grains, hops, and my preferred Hefeweizen yeast (White Labs 351). Here are the ingredients: … Continue reading

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Batch 129 – Hefeweizen (All-Grain)

With some trepidation, I embarked on making this year’s batch of Hefeweizen.  The last batch I made, my first all-grain Hefeweizen, was a bit of a disappointment.  It was almost too hoppy, and didn’t have the flavor/aroma profile I prefer … Continue reading

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Batch 122 – Hefeweizen (All-grain): Step One in the 2015 Weizen Experiment

It has been two months plus since I last posted.  It has also been two months since I last brewed – and I am five batches behind (having brewed through 126 batches) and about to brew my Weihnachtsbier this weekend. … Continue reading

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Batch 110 – The 2014 Hefeweizen Experience

As Spring wore on, thoughts turned to yard work and gardening.  And what beers I would drink after I got done with the yard work and gardening. Spring always fills me with energy and excitement to get things done.  This … Continue reading

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Batch 103 – Hefeweizen

I had been trying to adhere to the brewing calendar I had established for this year.  January saw me brewing only the Maibock, while my other batch scheduled for January – my Brown IPA, Hnedý Medveď  – had its brewing … Continue reading

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