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Batch 135 – Dunkelweizen / Schwarzeweizen (all-grain)

This batch was something I looked forward to with anticipation and trepidation based on how the previous version of this beer came out.  What I wanted to get was something similar to this which is part of this YouTube review … Continue reading

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Batch 124 – Dunkelweizen (All-Grain): and here things went sideways

This post was originally going to be titled Batch 124 – Dunkelweizen (All-Grain): Step Two in the 2015 Weizen Experiment, but as I will explain, something went a bit wrong. Similar to the Hefeweizen I made about a month earlier, … Continue reading

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Batch 111 – The 2014 Weizen Experiment – Stage 2: Dunkelweizen

Two weeks after the 2014 Hefeweizen was brewed, it was time to brew the Dunkelweizen.  This recipe followed the 2013 Dunkelweizen recipe: 8 ounces of light Munich Malt 7 ounces of CaraMunich Malt 1 ounce Chocolate Malt 6.5 pounds of … Continue reading

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Batch 104 – Dunkelweizen

I made this batch during a rare Friday evening brew session that also saw me transfer, keg and carbonate the Hefeweizen I made a week or so before. The idea I had here was to do three consecutive wheat beers, … Continue reading

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