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Batch 118 – Dortmunder Export (All-Grain)

I managed to squeeze my second batch of the year in on the last day of January.  Working through my calendar, I figured my Dortmunder was up  next on the list.  I had made it before (batches 94 and 107) … Continue reading

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Batch 107 – Dortmunder Export – Again

Late January and early February found me running out of my Weihnacthsbier and Weizenbock.  Since I was finally out of kegged beer for the first time in eons, I knew it was time to brew again. I went back and … Continue reading

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Filtering the Dortmunder Export

I brewed my Dortmunder Export back in November.  Last week, I decided it had spent enough time in secondary and it was time to filter, keg and carbonate the beer. Normally I use a plate filter to filter my beer.  … Continue reading

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