Beer glasses

It seems almost a natural step to go from brewing your own beer to collecting beer glasses.  Hell, any one with a genuine love of beer will end up collecting beer glasses even if it is for shit beer like Coors Light or Bud Light.

My first beer glasses were gifts from my brothers.  What easier gift to get your beer-drinking brother for Christmas than a beer mug?  They aren’t very expensive and they will be used!!

These beer glasses slowly increased.  After I was married, my wife kindly got me an assortment of plain beer glasses.  They consisted of an assortment of Nonic (Imperial) Pint, Willibechers, Pilsner, and Wheat Beer glasses.

This eventually grew into labeled beer glasses from breweries all over the world.

To facilitate my collection addiction, it helps to have a local bar that has weekly glass nights offering different beer glasses every week.  Plus, the local beer and wine store has started having brewery glasses with special growler specials on Thursday or Friday.

After all these years, I have amassed over 300 different beer glasses of all styles from breweries all over the world.  You can view some of these glasses on these pages.

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