Batch 154 – Rauchbier (all-grain)

I had purchased the ingredients at the local homebrew store, intending to brew this batch of Rauchbier over Thanksgiving weekend in 2018.  Lots of interruptions intruded and the batch was delayed for six months.  Plans to have a nice, smoked lager into the winter were delayed.

The ingredients were the same as the last batch of Rauchbier that I made:

The ingredients were:

  • 4.5 pounds of 2-row Pilsner Malt
  • 4.1 pounds of Rauch Malt
  • 2.o pounds of Munich Malt
  • 3.0 ounces Saaz Hops – 3% alpha acid
  • Saflager W 34/70 Yeast

Unfortunately, an 8½ month break in brewing left me a little rusty on my procedures so I didn’t capture too many worthwhile pictures during the brewing process.

I did get a killer cold-break when I was cooling the wort.

Rauchbier cold break

Rauchbier cold break

I came in a little above my 1.056 original gravity target, hitting 1.060.  Two weeks in primary fermentation were followed by three weeks in secondary fermentation before I fined the beer with a teaspoon of gelatin in ½ cup of water.  I let the gelatin work for another six days before kegging and carbonating the beer.  I finished pretty much right on target at 1.012, and it was looking pretty clear when I was transferring it to the keg.

Rauchbier pre-carbonation

Clear uncarbonated Rauchbier. Tastes as good as it looks!

The first few drafts weren’t as clear as I would have liked.  Probably some settled gelatin getting pulled from the bottom of the keg.

Early Rauchbier draft

I was a little disappointed in the initial clarity of the Rauchbier.

I had it ready for when I fired up the smoker for 4th of July weekend barbecuing.  That included one day smoking pork shoulder and beef brisket:

Smoked pork shoulder

A smoked pork shoulder

Smoked beef brisket

Best beef brisket I have made so far!

And then the next day, three slabs of baby back ribs.

Smoked baby back ribs

I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of these sauced and cut!!

By the time I was deep into draining the keg, the Rauchbier ended up clearing up nicely.

Clear Rauchbier

The Rauchbier ended up clearing nicely!!

It was a very enjoyable beer – I emptied the keg in about a month after pulling the first pint!



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