Batch 153 – Hefeweizen – All Grain

I brewed another batch of Hefeweizen on September 1, 2018 to tide me over until the Festbier, Oktoberfest, and Tmavý Ležák would be ready in October.

The ingredients were purchased from Atlantic Brew Supply and included:

  • 5.0 pounds of Pilsner Malt
  • 5.0 pounds Wheat Malt
  • 0.5 pound Rice Hulls
  • 2.0 ounces Hallertau Hops (2.2%)
  • White Labs 351 (Hefeweizen IV yeast)
Batch 153 Ingredients

Hefeweizen Ingredients for Batch 153

Not having learned my lesson, the grain crush was to fine for my false bottom and the spout from the mash tun clogged when it was time to run off the wort.

The beer turned out well, and was great to have in the waning days of summer and the warm days of early fall.

Batch 153 - Hefeweizen

A typical draft from this batch of Hefeweizen.

The problem now was that I had a five batches of beer to consume because our plans for another Oktoberwe’en party never materialized.  In addition to this batch and the three batches mentioned earlier, I still had a bit of my forgotten batch of Dampfbier kegged in the chest freezer.

I’m finding that as each year passes, my ability/desire to drink beer – even beer that I make – is tapering off.  That reduced appetite, coupled with a very active final club soccer season for my daughter and a hectic time at work, meant that most of the kegs weren’t emptied until after the first of the year – indeed, the Dampfbier and the Czech Dark Lager weren’t finished until March.

It also didn’t help that I was fighting off a bad respiratory infection that I had picked up on the way home from an awesome, fun-packed week where I hit Dublin, Ireland, and Manchester and Liverpool in England during the last week of January to catch a Manchester United Match at Old Traffored and a Liverpool match at Anfield with a friend of mine.  That kept me off drinking anything after my return throughout most of February.

With all that beer on hand, no more brewing reasonably could be done.  I had planned on brewing the next batch (a Rauchbier) over Thanksgiving weekend to carry me through the winter but that got delayed for almost six months.  More on that on an upcoming post.

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