Batch 148 – Konfrontational Kölsch – All Grain

Back to a more or less monthly brew schedule in April 2018, another batch of Kölsch seemed appropriate for the upcoming summer months.  This is another run using the same recipe as the previous two batches, only this time with ingredients (except for the hops) ordered from Adventures in Homebrewing.

  • 7.0 pounds of Schill Kölsch Malt (4.5° L)
  • 3 .0 pounds of Pilsner Malt (2.2° L)
  • 2.0 ounces Spalt Hops (6.1%)
  • Wyeast 2565 (Kölsch Yeast)

For this batch, I used the hops I purchased when i ordered ingredients for the Dortmunder I had just made less than a month before this brew day.

Batch 148 - Kolsch Ingredients

Batch 148 – Kölsch Ingredients

When I was cutting the tape on the box the order was delivered in, I managed to slice open one of the bags of grain.  So I had to transfer it to a container until the brew day arrived.

Targets for this batch, based on BrewPal were as follows:

  • Original Gravity:  1.053
  • Final Gravity:  1.013
  • 5.2% ABV
  • 5.9ºL
  • 28 IBU

I collected about 7½ gallons of wort and even trying to keep a more rolling boil than usual, I ended up with about an extra half gallon of wort in the brew pot.  I was also very disappointed in my measured original gravity, which at 1.044 was well under the target original gravity of 1.053.

The beer spent three weeks in primary fermentation, and the gravity measurement at transfer was 1.010.

Kolsch gravity

Kölsch gravity during transfer to secondary fermentation.


After one month in secondary/lagering, I fined this beer with a teaspoon of gelatin in 1/2 cup of water.  I kegged and force-carbonated it four days later.  It was very good!!

Konfrontaional Kolsch

A very good batch – l ran out within a month of kegging it!




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