Batch 140 – Dortmunder Export (all-grain)

Next up in Spring 2017 brewing was a re-make of my fifth solo all-grain batch – my Dortmunder Export.  This recipe was revised somewhat from the last batch, and I tried another online retailer to compare the alternatives to my local homebrew store.

The revised recipe consisted of:

  • 8.5 pounds of Weyermann Barke Pilsner Malt (2.0°L)
  • 1.0 pound of Weyermann Light Munich Malt (10ºL)
  • 8.0 ounces of Weyermann Carafoam Malt
  • 4.0 ounces of Dingemans Aromatic Malt
  • 2.0 ounces of Honey Malt
  • 5.0 ounces Saaz Hops
  • 2 packs Saflager W-34/70  Yeast

You will notice the alpha acid for the Saaz hops are missing from the ingredient list.  I ordered 3 ounces of hop pellets, and once again received substantially lower alpha acid content (2 percent) than the range listed on the website (3.0 – 6.0 percent).  I ended up cobbling together 3.5 ounces of 2.0 percent Saaz hops and 1.5 ounces of 3.2 percent Saaz hops (a total of 11.8 AAU) to get approximately close to the 12 AAU used (4 ounces of 3.0 percent Saaz hops) in the previous batch.

Batch 140 - Dortmunder Ingredients

Batch 140 – Dortmunder Ingredients

The predicted specs for this beer (using BrewPal) were as follows:

  • Original Gravity:  1.063
  • Final Gravity:  1.014
  • 6.4% ABV
  • 5.9ºL
  • 22 IBU

My mash seems to be a little thicker than normal, and I noticed a lot of grain pieces getting pulled from the mash tun into the brew kettle, similar to the results I get from the grain crushed by my homebrew store, whose settings are too fine for my liking.

I did manage to hit a sparge rate of about one quart per minute, which made me happy!

I was a little under (1.060) my target original gravity (1.063), but also was a little lower (1.012) than my target final gravity (1.014).

After two weeks of primary fermentation at 55°, I transferred the beer to secondary fermentation and lagered at 35° for 11 weeks (I had too much other beer to drink before I wanted to keg this!).

Three months after the brew day, I filtered the beer with my plate filter, kegged and force carbonated by rolling the keg for 2½ minutes with the gas set to 25 psi.

Batch 140 - First Draft

Good carbonation, very clear, and delicious!!

I ran out of this within two months of kegging.  Looking forward to making it again this spring!



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