Day 2 of European Vacation

Day 2 of our vacation found us looking at other sights in Munich.  Most of these were in and around the Marienplatz and the Munich Residenz palace.

For lunch , we stopped at Spatenhaus an der Oper, where we went to dinner our first night in Munich ten years ago.  I had more popular beers that were on the menu.

Spaten Pils vom Fass!

Franziskaner Dunkelweizen

After a day of heavy tourist activities that included seeing paintings by DaVinci and Raphael at the Alte Pinakothek and lots and lots of walking (10.2 miles!), I went to a beer store near where we were staying where I picked up a bunch of beer that I can’t find in my part of the United States.  Most of these were Kellerbier/Zwickl beers.

I also could not resist picking up his Rothaus beer that I see advertised during certain Bundesliga soccer matches (I think it is for Freiburg home matches).

Another authentic kellerbier.

We ate dinner at an Italian restaurant near where we were staying – we had a taste for pizza – and I had the Franziskaner Kellerbier.  My check in on Untappd indicated I didn’t like it as much as the other kellerbiers I had that day!

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