Batch 137 – Rauchbier (all-grain)

This was a re-do of the previous Rauchbier batch that I made in September 2014 as my first all-grain batch with my then new equipment.  This was the first batch I made in 2017.

I purchased the ingredients at the local homebrew store, which this time had the actual Rauch malt I wanted in stock.  But this time, they didn’t have the Spalter hops I used last time, so I substituted 3.0 percent Saaz hops instead,.

The ingredients were:

  • 4.5 pounds of 2-row Pilsner Malt (2.0ºL)
  • 4.1 pounds of Rauch Malt (9.0°L)
  • 2.o pounds of Munich Malt (10.oºL)
  • 3.0 ounces Saaz Hops (half added at 60 minutes and half at 15 minutes remaining in the boil)
  • Saflager W 34/70 Yeast
Rauchbier Ingredients

Rauchbier Ingredients

The rest of the brew day was pretty uneventful.  Here is what the beer looked like as I was putting it into the fermenter.

Rauchbier - pre ferrmentation

Rauchbier – pre-fermentation

The predicted specs for this beer were as follows:

  • Original Gravity:  1.056
  • Final Gravity:  1.012
  • 5.7% ABV
  • 7.2ºL
  • 24 IBU

At the time I transferred the beer from primary to secondary, about three weeks after the brew day, I hit the 1.012 final gravity.

After about six weeks in secondary at lagering temperatures, I filtered the beer to try out the two micron Clarifier I had purchased from MoreBeer.  I had tried the cartridge filter on previous batches (with disposable cartridges), but was not satisfied with the results (basically, nothing was filtered).  I liked the idea of a reusable filter to go into my cartridge filter.

Filtering set-up with the Clarifier

Filtering set-up with the Clarifier

The end result was similarly disappointing.  In addition to taking vastly more time, which uses more CO2 gas to push the beer through the filter, the beer went into the receiving keg foamy.  There also wasn’t anything noticeable removed by the filter, which explained why the beer wasn’t clear when I poured the first drafts.

Rauchbier - first pour

Not very clear – Clarifier FAIL!

By the time I drew the last of this batch of beer almost two months later, it had cleared up nicely.  I just wanted it to look like this from the start!

Last of the Rauchbier

Eventually clear – waste of time using the Clarifier.


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