Day 1 of 2017 Summer European Vacation – Munich

We had the opportunity to take a vacation to Europe this summer.  I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to write about some of the different beer that I would drink while on vacation.

My oldest daughter played a big role in the planning of our vacation – partly because we had to leave her in Budapest in the middle of July so she could participate in a three week research project in Szeged, and partly because she had the time and enthusiasm to assist in planning after her college graduation.  Between the two of us, we developed an extensive list of places we wanted to see.  Part of my research included different places where I could drink beer.  Part of her research was finding places to stay on either AirBnB or HomeAway.

To start our vacation, we flew into Munich, Germany at the end of June.  We took the train to the place we reserved on HomeAway and dropped off our bags.  Our lodging was located northwest of central Munich near the Westfriedhof U-Bahn (subway) station. This was the first of many good choices we had made in our lodging. It was a beautiful place that comfortably housed the four of us – much nicer than any chain motel would be.  It was also quiet, away from all the tourist traffic, but because we were close to the Westfriedhof U-Bahn station, we could get down to the center of Munich in about 15 minutes.

We took the U-Bahn to Sendlinger Tor, and walked up Sendlinger Strasse towards the Marienplatz, taking in a number of sites along the way.  Since it was around lunch time locally, and since we were all hungry from our flight, we went to the restaurant we have visited the most on my three visits to Munich – Wirsthaus Ayingers.  It is near the Hofbräuhaus München, but across the Platzl from that horrific tourist trap.  The Wirsthaus food is great, and Ayinger beer is always great!

There are a few Ayinger beers that I can get where I live, so I opted for the beer I can’t get at home.

Ayinger Kellerbier at the Wirsthaus am Platzl

While I would have liked to stay and have a few other beers that were on offer at the Wirsthaus, our tourist plans required seeing other sights, so off we went.

That evening we went to a restaurant near our lodging.  Since restaurants in Europe are generally affiliated with the breweries whose beer they serve, while others such as this one was an Augustiner tied-house. This restaurant had a range of Augustiner beers available.  I chose to sample the draft versions (“vom fass” means “from the barrel”) of Augustiner beer that are available back home, and those that are not.

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