Batch 136 – Majestic Walrus Porter (all-grain)

Just before Christmas 2016, I was determined to make a quick turnaround beer that would befit the holiday season and the coming winter months.  I didn’t have enough time before Christmas to put together my Weihnachtsbier, so I opted to revisit my porter.

The recipe consisted of the following:

  • 8.0 pounds of Pale Malt (2.1°L)
  • 12.0 ounces of Crystal Malt (60ºL)
  • 6.0 ounces of Black Patent Malt (470ºL)
  • 2.0 ounces Kent Goldings Hops (5.8% alpha acid)

Once again, I had to adjust to the local homebrew store not having the yeast I had used on the previous batches (White Labs British Ale Yeast WLP 005).  I had to purchase a yeast that was in stock (White Labs Dry English Ale Yeast WLP 007) for this batch.  Annoying, but I figured it would be close enough for my purposes.

Batch 136 Ingredients

Majestic Walrus Porter (Batch 136) Ingredients

The predicted specs for this beer (using BrewPal) were as follows:

  • Original Gravity:  1.058
  • Final Gravity:  1.017
  • 5.4% ABV
  • 32ºL
  • 31 IBU

I give the homebrew store owner a list of the grains I want and he weighs them out and mills them for me.  I never double check the total weight of the grains.  Maybe he made a mistake when he weighed the grains.  Who knows?  For whatever reason, I didn’t hit my target gravity.  I ended up at 1.042 with about 5½ gallons of wort going into the fermenter.

After ten days in primary, I transferred this to secondary for about five days.  After that,  it became the first beer I kegged and carbonated in 2017.

The final beer came out to 3.7% ABV, but it turned out really well – and it certainly met my needs to make something that would go from brewpot to keg in a short time!

Majestic Walrus Porter

2017 Majestic Walrus Porter!

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