Batch 134 – Barke Munich Dunkel Lager (all-grain)

This beer was a departure from the previous Dunkel Lager I had made.  Instead of using a combination of Pilsner, Munich, Crystal, CaraMunich and Chocolate malts, I exclusively used Weyermann Barke Munich malt.  I had never made a beer with 100 percent Munich Malt before, but I liked the idea of using the Barke Malt for my first effort.

The ingredients include:

  • 11.0 pounds of Barke Munich Malt
  • 2.0 ounces Hallertau Hops (2.7%)
  • SafLager W34/70 Yeast remaining in Märzen fermenting bucket
Batch 134 Ingredients

Batch 134 Ingredients

I bought the ingredients from Northern Brewer, largely because they had the Barke Munich malt that I wanted.  I ordered it and paid extra for two day shipping, which would have let me brew the upcoming weekend.

Except I didn’t get the two day shipping I paid for.

Northern Brewer, to their credit, did a good job of making this up to me.  They not only refunded the two-day shipping, but also ended up refunding my whole order cost.  A very nice gesture that somewhat made up for upending my brewing plans.

But definitely a strike against them…they bought themselves a second chance.  Time will tell what the future holds…

I was very pleased with the runnings – looked great!

Batch 134 - runnings before the sparge

Batch 134 – clear runnings before the sparge!

When it came time to cool this batch, I put my new wort chiller into action!  My original wort chiller was suitable for extract and grain batches where I seldom had to cool more than three gallons of wort at the end of the boil.  But it was undersized for cooling five plus gallons of near boiling wort.  So I decided to go with a bigger chiller with larger diameter copper pipe and a longer run of coils.

New wort chiller

Behold! The new, bigger, better wort chiller!!

The brew pot under the chiller was the five gallon pot I used for extract and grain batches.  You can see how much bigger this cooler is!  Works great, too – even with the warmer tap water in the summer, it gets the temperature down quickly.

I filtered this immediately following filtering the Märzen, and again was disappointed by the lack of performance of the cartridge filter.

Cloudy Dunkel Lager

Cloudy Dunkel Lager at the Oktoberfest gathering

And  just like with the Märzen, this cleared up nicely after a month in the keg.

Dunkel Lager - one month on

Dunkel Lager – one month on! Why can’t it be this clear out of the cartridge filter?

By the time I pulled the last draft of the keg at Christmas, it was really clear, and still really delicious!

The last of Batch 134

The last of Batch 134 – and no, that’s not me to the right!


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