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Brewing History – Batches 7 to 12 (1997 and 1998)

1997: I brewed one batch the entire year. I don’t recall the exact reasons for the layoff but I think we stopped brewing at my brother’s house.  I didn’t have a good place to brew or room to ferment anything … Continue reading

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Brewing History: Batches 1 to 6

Seeing as how I am on the verge of even more greatness with the advent of my 100th batch of beer being brewed tomorrow, I thought I’d list a history of my brewing. First batch made: an Alt Bier kit … Continue reading

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I invited a handful of people over for this past Saturday Night.  More than one handful, but less than a full two handfuls were invited. Six people came over.  I consider this a handful – hey, I was born with … Continue reading

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Batch 99 – Czech Pilsner on a busy brew day!!

Yesterday, I shuffled my around brewing schedule a little bit.  I am overdue to brew my Brown IPA, Hnedý Medveď, but instead opted to brew my Czech Pilsner. It started out as a modification of the Budvar clone recipe in … Continue reading

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Batch 96 – Faust Schwarzviertler clone – filter, keg and carbonate

Since the Dortmunder Export is running low, I figured I would advance the packaging of this batch.  I had originally scheduled this to be done next weekend on my brewing calendar, but instead I will brew a Czech Pilsner and … Continue reading

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A small link on Beer Advocate

Daj Mi Pivo was given a small link on Beer Advocate on the discussion page entitled Bayernbiere Bought and Drunk.  Look for the discussion of the Faust Schwarzviertler on page 3 which links back to my post for brewing Batch … Continue reading

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