Happy Oktoberfest!!

Today is the opening day of Oktoberfest!  How I wish I could be there again this year as I was last year!!

This is the interior of the Hacker Festzelt from my visit last year.  We went to the opening day and again on Monday at lunch time (which is when this picture was taken).

The beer was great!  My wife and I would each get a liter of beer.  As I got close to the bottom of my liter, she would swap with me (giving me half to two-thirds of her liter).  This picture is as I am finishing the swapped beer!

Last weekend, my wife said to me “I want to go to Germany again.”  I told her that I wish she would have decided that a few months ago – it is too late to go now!!  Maybe next year, instead of being at the opening of the Oktoberfest, we should go to Munich during the last week so we can also hit the overlapping festival in Stuggart!!

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