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July 27, 2011 Glass Night – Thomas Creek Novelty Beer

I went for glass night (having missed last week while I was enjoying a range of Great Lakes Brewing Products when I was back in Cleveland).  Tonight’s featured beer was Thomas Creek Orange Cocoa IPA.  This featured beer would be served … Continue reading

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Weihenstephaner Festbier

This beer is the Weihenstephan brewery’s version of the beers served by the “Munich six” for Oktoberfest. As I mention elsewhere, amber märzens are not serves at Oktoberfest. Rather, the beer served are more of a Bavarian helles lager. Gold … Continue reading

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Molson Ice

Back to the hometown on the North Coast of Ohio. Our first stop was at the in-laws. Back when we lived here, the latest beer fad was “ice beer”. It was attractive at the time since it was a higher … Continue reading

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July 6 Glass Night

It starts off well, with Spaten Lager as the Fire sale. Onto a Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen. Himmel en Bayern!! Even with all the beers on tap here, I sometimes cannot decide on what to have. The lovely bartender recommended Houblon Chouffe … Continue reading

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Harpoon UFO

I am not a huge witbier drinker. Once in a while is fine, but I don’t seek the style out. Most times, I drink witbier because it comes with a glass or I somehow end up with it. The first … Continue reading

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Harpoon Bohemian Pilsner

Picked this up as part of a variety pack from Harpoon solely to try this Bohemian Lager. The other beers (IPA, Summer, and UFO) I have had before. This is not overly malty and the hop aroma and flavor from … Continue reading

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Schlenkerla Oak Smoke Doppelbock

I have had several of the Schlenkerla rauchbiers over the years and have generally found them to be enjoyable.  I have also made two batches of beer that included smoked malt and was very pleased with the results. I had … Continue reading

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Gose by Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof

I read about this beer style in a recent issue of Brew Your Own magazine.  It can be found at: I ran across a bottle of this at Green’s and picked some up to try this weekend.  I found … Continue reading

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Time to Brew Again

It is time to start thinking about brewing for this year’s fall party.  We had our first Oktoberfest Party in September 2005.  That was such a success with our friends, co-workers and neighbors that attended that we decided to begin … Continue reading

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Misty watercolor memories….

Four years ago at this time we were enjoying our first visit to Munich.  It was quite fun to do all the touristy things with my wife.  And with my daughters, who are four years larger now than they were … Continue reading

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