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Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

I found myself on a brief quest in Charlotte to try and find Great Lakes Christmas Ale.  I had seen that it was to be available in Charlotte and since I was there on business, I took some time to … Continue reading

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Golden Pheasant (Zlatý bažant)

A Slovak beer I run across occasionally (less frequently than I used to), is Golden Pheasant (Zlatý Bažant). While not a particularly noteworthy Czech Lager-style beer, it is a sentimental favorite as it is one of the few beers from … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Unintentionally, I slacked off during the holidays.  A combination of the usual holiday hustle, the usual end-of-the-year work issues, and just plain laziness found me putting aside my beer-blogging. So now it is time to catch up. This year, I … Continue reading

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Homebrewing: Batch 83 – Dunkel Weizen

I think I was first introduced to Bavarian wheat beers when I lived in Chicago around 1988.  The first hefeweizen I ever had was a Hacker-Pschorr.  That first hefeweizen led to many, many more over the years.  I was able … Continue reading

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